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Monday, 21 February 2011

Dribble Bib Bundles - save money!!!

Here at Bebe + Me we realise that money is tight for all families. This is why we've put together an ever growing collection of Dribble Bib Bundles. Our bundles are pre-selected with three complimentary designs. Each bundle is Gift Wrapped so would make an ideal present for any new born or little dribbler.

Alternative you can allows buy our bandana dribble bibs singularly; we have over 60 designs to choose for both girls and boys.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Mummy's on the Go!!!

Becoming a new mummy is a complete shock to all the sense's and one thing I found especially important was to get out of the house. As a first time mum I found it really daunting waking up every morning with no creative goal apart from caring for my precious son. Now some of you will say looking after a child is the most fulfilling role any women can take on.... However I'm sure I'm not alone; but when you've worked all your working life its a shock to the system when all of the sudden your not!!

Anyway I found the best tonic was to get out and about; join play groups, clubs, meet other new mums and find new friends. At first this can also seem quiet daunting (its funny how baby's require so much stuff) but once your in to a routine it becomes second nature.

One item all new mums should have is your own Changing/ Play Mats - Bebe + Me has now created a small but adequet collection of cute changing/play mats which can also double up for play mats.

The use of wipe clean oilcloth makes our mats truly versatile - use the oilcloth side for changing baby, if any mess is made simply wipe it clean. On the inner side with have used warm soft minky fleece which is ideal for laying/ sitting your baby on when attending baby massage, rhyme time or baby sensory.

Our Changing/ Play Mats fold up nice and compact to easily slip into mummys changing bags, they are secured my velcro for ease (especially if you only have one hand free).

Why not keep your baby up to trend with one of Bebe + Me's funky Bandana Dribble Bibs Tag Blankets Leather Baby Shoes