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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Cowboys and Horsies!!!

My son has just started horse riding lessons. He's only 2 (and a bit) but we live in the English Countryside and are surrounded by horses so it only seemed right to let him have a go and see if he enjoyed riding.

Being a typical little boy (with absolutely no fear) he loved it especially when the horse was trotting. So this is my theme for today's blog horses, ponies and cowboys.

This is my son all ready for his riding lesson, trotting around the house with a giraffe head???

Cowboy Birthday Printable Party Kit - Printable PDF by Print Magic

My Little Pony FIM Rainbow Dash Plush- Made to order by MisFit Menagerie

Retro Roping Cowboy Bear Boutique Onesie or Toddler Tee by ChiTown Boutique

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Monday, 23 January 2012

Dino Baby!!

My son is now 2 1/2 years old and loves everything and anything to do with DINOSAURS... unfortunately his favourite past time is to continuously ROARING like one... which I find rather irritating but boys will be boys!!!

It just happens Bebe + Me has a very cute dinosaur fabric and we have just created a NEW and very cute product called a "Knot Lovey".

So with Dinosaurs as a theme I've had a little look on my most favourite site Etsy and found a few gorgeous handmade products I wanted to share with you, I hope you like them ♥

Custom Crochet Long Tail Dinosaur Baby Beanie Hat by Cricket Creations

20 Sets of 4 Dinosaur Crayons by Polkadotty

Carseat Canopy / Carseat Cover / Carseat Tent / Carseat Blanket Snaps up the Front READY to Ship DinoLand by Fashion Fairytales

Bebe + Me - where beauitful gifts come in small package, bandana dribble bibs, tag blankets, knot loveys, blankets, busha leggings, baby leather shoes + much more ♥

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Happy New Year - Happy New Blogging!!!

Bebe + Me is going to spread the love in 2012 by sharing some fantastic finds we have stumbled across on crafts sites including Etsy, Folksy and even Facebook

There are so many talented craft people in the World making such fantastic stuff that you often wont find on the High-Street and that who really desire a little mention ♥

January finds:

Kawaii Bunny Plush by LittleHappyStitches

Toddler Child's Art Print - Fizzswigglers Monster Character - Wash Hands UK by RockTheCustardPrints

Clara Dress-Up Paper Doll - The Signature Outfits by
Cupcakes for Clara

Bebe + Me - where beauitful gifts come in small package, bandana dribble bibs, tag blankets, knot loveys, blankets, busha leggings, baby leather shoes + much more ♥

Thursday, 2 June 2011

New Shoes!!!

We are VERY exciting here at Bebe + Me HQ - we had a HUGE delivery of new super cute baby leather shoes arrive today.... so guess what I've been doing for most of the day!!!

These soft leather shoes are ideal for pre-walkers, but also make GREAT little slippers for your little toddler when around the house.

The supply leather means plenty of room for little toes to wriggle about and with a non-slip suede sole they are prefect as house slippers, especially if you have wooden or tiled flooring.

The elasticated ankle makes them super easy to put on, but also helps to keep them secure of little ones feet and as there nice and light weight your little one will soon forget they even have them on.

All of Bebe + Me Baby Leather Shoes are £10 each ♥

Monday, 9 May 2011

Dribble in style!!!

As a mum of a very dribbly baby, I completely understand the nightmare situation it is of keep your little one dribble-free.

Sadly there's very little you actually do to stop the flow of drool, but you can prevent the soggy top's the would constantly need changing or avoid the sometime sore neck he would get - simply by having them wear a dribble bib (or sometimes known as a bandana bib).

The Bebe + Me range of dribble bibs/ bandana bibs is not only extensive in their patterns and designs but are so practical in helping your little one stay dry you will simply want more and more.....

The funky design make it impossible to choose just one as your favourite, the soft absorbent fleece soaks up all dribble & drool and the use of 2 nickel-free snap fastenings will allow your bandana bib/ dribble bib to grow with your baby.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Say HELLO to a Bebe + Me Friend

Rosy Cheek Cosy - Co-ordinating bits and bobs for the nursery. 100% cotton designer prints and bamboo have been used to create gorgeous, modern collections.

Tessa has had a love of fabrics... the colours, the textures, the play on her mood... since being tiny and with her own tiny babies she started creating little mementos for them to cuddle.

The babies are slightly bigger now and with that came the want to fulfil that creative vision and to create a brand of her vision. She loves all things eclectic and bright and especially a mix of fabrics. Patchwork lends itself well to achieve this mix of texture and design and can be seen in some of her designs.

Her influence comes from having spent many years living and travelling abroad.

Tessa lives a life looking for natural and quality products. Her choice of 100% cotton is an important factor in the luxury feel of her designs. Cotton is lovely and breathable and a natural choice for babies and children. Her other love is for Bamboo fabric which comes from having spent hours seeking peace and solitude in amongst bamboo canes as a child.

She is drawn to anything out of Bamboo and with the Bamboo fabric arriving on the market having such a whisper of softness to the touch and it having eco credentials, she instantly fell in love. Bamboo could not suit a baby textiles brand better. Her vision is to offer bamboo products for all its benefits, combined with colour and gorgeous print designs.

Rosy Cheek Cosy is a small business with a big heart, and an aim to offer softness, quality and comfort. The designs are created using fabrics which Tessa considers them to be “So yummy you could eat them!”

Why not become a "Bebe + Me Friend" and let us shre you lovely designs with our friends and followers - not only will we mention you here on our Blog but we will share you delights on Facebook, Twitter and Blogs and British Mummy Bloggers.

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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Bath Baby & Toddler Show

We are very excited as we can officially announce the Bath Baby & Toddler Show is definitely going ahead.

It is on Saturday 24th September 2011 from 10am - 4pm at The Pavilion, Bath; which is a great venue right in the heart of Bath Georgian City Centre.

Only a 10 minute stroll from all that Bath has to offer; shopping, restaurant, world heritage attractions including The Roman Bath, The Royal Crescent to name a few....

Bath Baby & Toddler Show will be a perfect event for the whole family; with entertainment, retail stalls, service information and demonstrations throughout the day.

If you are a parent-to-be, new parent or with toddler in tow then the Bath Baby & Toddler Show will provide a unique shopping and information gathering experience under one roof.

With plenty to see and do we can guarantee that The Bath Baby & Toddler Show is one event you will not want to miss....

With 80+ Trade Stands offer unique and not found on the high street products, the Bath Baby & Toddler Show is the place to be to pick up the latest baby must-have.

We also have a wide variety of local services; including fun-packed classes, baby-care information and expert advice.