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Monday, 9 May 2011

Dribble in style!!!

As a mum of a very dribbly baby, I completely understand the nightmare situation it is of keep your little one dribble-free.

Sadly there's very little you actually do to stop the flow of drool, but you can prevent the soggy top's the would constantly need changing or avoid the sometime sore neck he would get - simply by having them wear a dribble bib (or sometimes known as a bandana bib).

The Bebe + Me range of dribble bibs/ bandana bibs is not only extensive in their patterns and designs but are so practical in helping your little one stay dry you will simply want more and more.....

The funky design make it impossible to choose just one as your favourite, the soft absorbent fleece soaks up all dribble & drool and the use of 2 nickel-free snap fastenings will allow your bandana bib/ dribble bib to grow with your baby.

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