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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Say HELLO to a Bebe + Me Friend

Rosy Cheek Cosy - Co-ordinating bits and bobs for the nursery. 100% cotton designer prints and bamboo have been used to create gorgeous, modern collections.

Tessa has had a love of fabrics... the colours, the textures, the play on her mood... since being tiny and with her own tiny babies she started creating little mementos for them to cuddle.

The babies are slightly bigger now and with that came the want to fulfil that creative vision and to create a brand of her vision. She loves all things eclectic and bright and especially a mix of fabrics. Patchwork lends itself well to achieve this mix of texture and design and can be seen in some of her designs.

Her influence comes from having spent many years living and travelling abroad.

Tessa lives a life looking for natural and quality products. Her choice of 100% cotton is an important factor in the luxury feel of her designs. Cotton is lovely and breathable and a natural choice for babies and children. Her other love is for Bamboo fabric which comes from having spent hours seeking peace and solitude in amongst bamboo canes as a child.

She is drawn to anything out of Bamboo and with the Bamboo fabric arriving on the market having such a whisper of softness to the touch and it having eco credentials, she instantly fell in love. Bamboo could not suit a baby textiles brand better. Her vision is to offer bamboo products for all its benefits, combined with colour and gorgeous print designs.

Rosy Cheek Cosy is a small business with a big heart, and an aim to offer softness, quality and comfort. The designs are created using fabrics which Tessa considers them to be “So yummy you could eat them!”

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