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Monday, 20 September 2010

Bebe + Me - don't buy mass produced, make it yourself

Bebe + Me is a slowly growing business selling beautifully crafted baby's gifts.

Before I had my son in August 2009 I hadn't sat in front of a sewing machine since leaving school... however the want was always there, but never the time or project.

That all changed after having Eton (who is 13 months old now) the inspiration to Bebe + Me.

?Why buy mass produced - when you can make your own unique items?

So that's exactly what I did.

I went out bought a tone of fabric, sat behind my sewing machine and failed miserably.... but I didn't give up!!

I did walk away however, put it all aside of a month and refocused, did a little research, did a lot more buying of fabrics and gave it another go... and bingo it worked!!!

My bandana bibs or dribble bibs have altered in design quite a lot but the want to produce bright, colourful and playful bibs has always been there... and so Bebe + Me was born.

I now make bandana bibs or dribble bibs, tag blankets, nappy cakes, pram blankets, traditional style bibs, burp cloths and am about to launch a new range of changing/ play mats, changing bags, nappy purses etc....

Here are just a few of my designs:

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Bebe and Me loves to support handmade baby gifts

At Bebe + Me we not only create and sell our own baby products, we also love to share and support other producers of quality handmade baby's gifts.

As our website is still pretty new we are slowly hunting down fabulous designers and creators or gorgeous baby related products... if you are or know someone how hand makes baby, toddler or small children's items then please get in touch as we would love to see your products and hopefully share your talents with the rest of our world.

Here are just a few items Bebe + Me are selling:

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Bebe + Me Bandana Bibs, Dribble Bibs

Bandana Bibs, Dribble Bibs, Kerchiefs what ever name you know them by the all mean the same thing, "funky V-shape (bandana) bibs ideal for teething babies or little dribblers".

Bebe + Me have a 50 strong collection of bright and colourful designs, which is forever growing and we'r really excited about our new holiday collection (released shortly).

Here's a sneaky peak of one of our christmas designs:

All of Bebe + Me's Bandana Bibs, Dribble Bibs have cotton fronts, soft fleece backs, 2 nickel-free snap fastenings and a distinctive white top stitch detail.

The soft fleece backings make our bandana bibs, dribble bibs ultra absorbent and ensures that no moisture seeps through the bandana bib, dribble bib on to your little ones clothes and more importantly away from their delicate skin, helping to prevent a soar neck.

The two nickel-free snap fastenings mean our bandana bibs, dribble bibs are adjustable in size and can happily be worn from birth to 5 years+.

Our huge selection of bandana bibs, dribble bibs we can guarantee you will find a design for every babies outfit and suitable for everyday use.