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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Bebe + Me Adwords

Bebe + Me's New Year's resolution was to increase our google ranking by any means... The endless Blogging, Tweeting and FB have made some headway but not improved our ranking so much that we hit the golden 1st page....

So we've decided to take out some Google Adwords!!! To be honest we have no idea what we're doing BUT our advert is there and ready to be clicked (but please don't all rush out and click on it!!)

So fingers crossed this might generate a few sells; for our collection of beautiful handmade baby and toddlers gifts: bandana bibs, tag blankets, baby leather shoes, toddler clothes, busha leggings, dribble bibs, knitted hats, soft toys, rag dolls.

We have also uploading products to google shopping (again however we know very little about how to increase our ranking on this, but it all helps in one way or another).

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