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Monday, 31 January 2011

Bebe + Me dribble bib themes

Whilst decorating my son's bedroom and then playroom for some unknown reason I was drawn towards everything and anything to do with pirates.

Now that he is a little older and is beginning to form words and favour certain toys over others, we are again being drawn towards a theme (at the moment its dinosaurs)... These chosen themes often find themselves appearing in other items we buy for them such as; book, clothes and bedding.

With this understanding Bebe + Me has created a collection of dribble bibs; where we can guarantee almost every possible theme is covered.

For the Boys:
Dinosaur dribble bibs
Skull & Cross Bone dribble bibs
Farm Animal dribble bibs
Cars, Planes & Train dribble bibs

For the Girls:
Butterfly dribble bibs
Floral dribble bibs
Princess dribble bibs
Strawberry dribble bibs

To be continued....

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