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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Product research??

Designing your own website is a challenge, trying to increase your google ranking is something else. I also have the added difficulty of knowing which search terms people and potential customers are using; is it "bandana bib" "dribble bib" "kerchief"..???

After intense blogging, networking and more blogging I have seen a slight increase in one search term but the others stay frozen... GRrrr!!!

I suppose the only way around this is to use all keywords in ever blog I write (not great to people reading them though), bt how else can I make the precious time spent networking and blogging work for me?

Key words I use at the moment consist of:
bandana bib
dribble bib
tag blanket
baby gift
baby leather shoes
soft toys
rag dolls

As a complete novice at all of this I find myself even questioning the use of adding "links" to Blog etc, do the little crawler bots read the links or would it make more sense to actually write the web page address in full???

Its so confusing but I it is my mission for 2011 to get my website to the golden page No.1

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