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Friday, 28 January 2011

Dribbling has never been funkier!!

Dribbling is a tell tell sign that your baby is teething, along with rosy red cheeks and general grumpiness.

Depending on your baby they may dribble heaps or none at all; my son Eton starting dribbling at about 4 months and goes through stages where he dribbles a lot or none at all... at the moment (16 months) he's dribbling a lot again as well as being incredibly grumpy (but its his bigger back teeth coming through so its all understandable)....

This is when I found our Bebe + Me Bandana Dribble Bibs a life (and clothes)saver... the funky bandana style allows these dribble bibs to become a functional fashion accessory.

All of our bandana dribble bibs are made from 100% cotton fronts, polyester super soft fleece backs, 2 nickel free snap fastenings and our bandana dribble bibs have a distinctive white top stitch detail.

Our use of soft fleece backs enables our bandana dribble bibs to soak up all of yours babies dribble, milk and sick-up. The fleece also prevents the dribble from soaking through on to their clothes and also draws the moisture away from their delicate skin and helps to prevent your baby from developing a sore neck.

Our bandana dribble bibs are ideal for babies from birth as there V-shape design does not swamp their small delicate frames and also do not hide the beautiful clothes us mums spend hundreds of pound on. As we use of 2 nickel free snap fastenings our adjustable sized bandana dribble bibs can be worn by children up to the age of 5 years+.

All of our bandana dribble bibs can be washed at 30 degrees, preferably air dried but if necessary tumble dried on a low heat and can be ironed normally.

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